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View our 2017 brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the OMNISCIENT CRM services offered.

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Omniscient is the simplest and fastest growing CRM in the financial services industry. While in stealth mode, Omniscient is tightly integrated with custodial-agnostic asset, MS Exchange, email and calendar integration, as well as document management and robust CRM functionality. Omniscient is rapidly becoming known for delivering best in class, on-demand Service Enabled Software TM, which is both relatively low-cost and very simple to use. On-demand, cloud-based technology gives users the ability to use enterprise class software without having technical expertise. Omniscient is easy to learn and use, and will not take long for you to enter your data and get on with the business at hand.

Omniscient CRM features include:

  • Client household and contact information
  • Calendar, email, and marketing campaigns
  • Tasks and activities
  • Portfolio performance
  • Digital document management systems (DMS)
  • Operations service team connectivity
  • Cloud based technology
  • On Demand – No need to buy any server or software, just start using it
  • You can use it anytime, anywhere or on any device
  • Easy-to-use, customizable, and designed to increase sales productivity
  • Automated quotations, invoices, reminders to give real professional image
  • Secure servers, automated daily backups, no data loss


Multi-Custodian Data Aggregation

Client account data is imported daily from ALL major custodians. You can view various reports related to individual client accounts and aggregated household reports directly on the Contact or Household view page. These reports can be customized to show:

  • Account Details & Performance
  • Related Accounts
  • Holdings & Transactions
  • Monthly Income

Portfolio Reporting

Our integrated data and Contact or Household views enable the advisor to create and customize performance reports directly from the Contact or Household information page. Other reports can be created in this fashion as well, including Monthly Income reports, Transaction reports, Performance reports, or aggregated Holdings reports. 

Advisors simply select the information that they want to include in the report, preview the data before creation, and then save the report directly to a PDF. Reports can be securely and paperless distributed to clients through Omniscient’s integrated Customer Portal.

    Users and principals can also monitor their entire book of business, sorting accounts by size, composition, and revenue. Additionally, you can view positions held across your business and all accounts that hold them


    Contact Management 

    Omniscient’s Contact Management allows you to track leads, prospects, individual contacts, and your households. These pages are fully integrated with all other features of the CRM.

    Leads: Manage contact information for lead clients. When won, you can easily convert them to Contacts with the click of a button.

    Potentials: Manage potential sales clients by tracking sales stage, probability, number of accounts and value of assets. You can track their sales orders, quotes for products & services, and anticipate future revenue with expected close dates.

    Contacts: Store your clients’ contact information, documents, track communications, and view their personal accounts all in one place.

    Households: All Contact and account data rolls-up into the Household so that you can view every detail about the client, from contact information, documents, activity history, and transaction records on their individual accounts to aggregated reports for the whole household.


    Calendar/Email Integration

    Your Omniscient calendar is fully integrated with your Exchange account and Omniscient Contacts. Track attendees and keep notes on the meeting, and retrieve them directly through your calendar or through the Contact’s Activities record. A detailed Activity History log is available for every client through this integration.

    Omniscient’s Omnimail supports your Microsoft Exchange email account so that your client communications can be linked directly to the Omniscient Contact for compliance. This communication record is never deleted so that you always have a point of reference for past client communications.



    Saves time and inconvenience of researching, licensing and then managing multiple unconnected software "solutions" to run your business. Omniscient CRM integrates the most vital aspects of any advisor's "technology stack" (such as contact management, document management, portfolio reporting, workflow automation and client portal)into a single web based software solution.

    Portfolio Reporting

    Omniscient CRM integrates custodian information right into your customer contact records so users can intuitively see their entire book at a glance or a specific client in detail. Users have access to holdings, asset allocation, income reports as well as client statement capabilities. These reports can be made available to clients directly through a secure customer portal.

    Continuity and Cyber security compliance

    Delegate the risk and compliance hassles of new business continuity and cyber security regulatory rules to Omniscient CRM. As a web based solution, Omniscient CRM is the perfect solution to address regulatory requirements and assure clients that their data is safe. Backed by the security expertise of Bronzeye, Omnisicient CRM provides users a cost effective immediate solution to new rules regulation and the imminent threat of hackers.


    Whether you are a sole practitioner or a large network of advisors, Omniscient CRM allows advisors to “see” into every aspect of the practice. The system tracks meetings, calls, to-dos, emails, documents, gain/loss, comments, transactions, fees, holdings, asset allocation and performance.

    Workflow automation

    Omniscient CRM’s workflow engine allows users to create specialized processes to manage marketing, client services and even compliance programs without worrying that something may fall through the cracks. Omniscient can also integrate with your website to automate the process of building email newsletter subscriber bases or lead generation.

    Application integration

    Omnisicient CRM integrates with many popular applications(such as Portfolio Center, Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Mail Chimp, LaserApp, TD Ameritrade Veo, Drop Box, Google Drive, Microsoft Exchange, Intuit Quickbooks, and Paypal) to further tailor and enhance the effectiveness of the software for users.

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