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Breakaway Advisors

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Breakaway Advisors

Wealth Management can mean a variety of different things. For your clients, it may mean the achievement of specific goals. For you, it likely refers to creating customized solutions that can help your clients achieve such objectives.

Whether you are looking to breakaway from a traditional wirehouse, or leave a private practice that won't cut it when it comes to truly running your own business, OMNI provides financial advisors with a simple and straightforward approach to both the financial freedom and ownership control that being independent can truly offer.

With OMNI, you can achieve the following:

  • Freedom to make decisions that best serve your clients
  • Flexibility to offer your client a wide range of services, not proprietary products you are pressured to sell
  • Equity Ownership in your practice: by controlling your business, you will enjoy higher revenue that you can use to expand your practice and build value that you can capitalize when you are ready to retire

"Helping Customers succeed by empowering them to focus on their clients - Independence Redefined" - Felipe Luna, CEO