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Growing RIAs

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Growing RIAs

As a financial advisor with a private practice, it is essential to truly attain control of your professional — and ultimately your personal — life. One of the big challenges about having your own business is trying to learn and manage all of the back- and middle-office functions of a private practice. These tend to be time-consuming and are not traditionally one of your core competencies as a financial advisor, creating inefficiencies and barriers to growth in your business.

OMNI offers a wide variety of turn-key solutions for Technology, Back- and Middle-office Operations, Compliance, Marketing, HR, and Products & Solutions so that the advisor can spend their time dealing with clients and building their practice.

Consider it being in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

OMNI can help you achieve control of your practice and expand your income with freedom to serve your clients your way.

"Helping Customers succeed by empowering them to focus on their clients - Independence Redefined" - Felipe Luna, CEO