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Technology and back office services
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Over 10 years of experience empowering
businesses and their owners to manage their businesses and clients effectively

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Advisor Solutions

Studies have found that the average independent advisor spends more than 45% of their working hours on responsibilities and tasks totally unrelated to their client relationships! Our specialized services are tailored to the unique needs of independent financial advisors and geared toward empowering them to spend their time where it's most effective - on clients. Services focus on efficiency and profit draining administrative, operational and data intensive work. 

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Omniscient CRM

A unique web based CRM solution that tightly integrates all the information an advisor would want to see on their business including: contacts, custodial accounts, documents, calendar, tasks and much more. Omniscient allows users to see their business from a 10,000 foot level and drill down to a detailed view in a few simple clicks!

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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions provides simple, flexible and inexpensive outsourced employee solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Businesses can save over 50% over the cost and complication of hiring a domestic employee. With Enterprise Solutions, clients have no recruitment costs, liability, long term contracts, management headaches. Hire virtual employees only when you need them. 

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"Helping Customers succeed by empowering them to focus on their clients - Independence Redefined" - Felipe Luna, CEO